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Things to Consider Before Adding a Dormer to Your Home

Is a dormer appropriate for your roof? You can't go wrong with this option if you want a relatively straightforward way to alter your home’s appearance and add more living space. You can utilize your new interior space in many ways.

Do Dormers Add Value to a Home?

Dormers add value to a home in several ways. They create more curb appeal, improve architectural design, and potentially deliver utility savings. You receive additional usable space and more natural light while enjoying airflow and ventilation benefits.

What Should I Consider Before Adding Dormers?

If you think dormers would look fantastic, here are some things to consider before adding them to your home.

1. Roof Style

Your roof has a specific pitch, style, and shape. Although most can accept a new dormer, some designs might work better than others.

The dormer installer you select should work to match the existing materials for the project to create a consistent look. It helps to have underlayment installed to guarantee its protection.

Dormer roof repair might also be necessary to ensure everything looks its best.

2. Dormer Size

Each dormer should fit the home's scale with curb appeal proportion. If it becomes the dominant feature people see, the value or equity could be reduced. Most work well when they break up the roofline without looking out of place.

3. Permits

Since you're modifying the home with a dormer, obtaining permits for the project is usually necessary. This expense varies based on where you live. You'll want to know what to expect before proceeding, especially if your Dormer contractor wants you to obtain the paperwork.

4. Dormer Installation Cost

The average estimate for a new dormer is highly variable. It depends if the project is a renovation or part of a new construction effort, how many are desired, and various siding or shingle options. Even inflation and building material costs can impact the quote you receive.

You’ll want to speak with a professional dormer installer to receive a customized estimate based on your current circumstances.

5. Dormer Style

The structure and shape of your roof help to determine the dormer style used for the project. Several types are available, making it easier to match the aesthetics and deliver curb appeal improvements.

6. Windows

Dormer windows deliver more ventilation and natural light once installed. They come in different styles and sizes, but most are usually smaller than what you’ll find in the average Long Island home.

Some windows are designed to be energy efficient, ensuring that your utility bills remain consistent. It also helps to consider how you’ll need to clean the glass to keep everything looking beautiful.

The dormer window price has numerous variables, so a custom quote is necessary.

7. Drainage

Once a dormer is installed, your roof will handle precipitation differently. The rain could create seepage problems throughout the home's structure if you don't have the proper gutters and drainage components installed.

Dormer Installation with Kitchen Pros Inc.

Kitchen Pros Inc delivers premier dormer construction services in Wantagh and throughout Long Island. With more than 25 years of experience, we've been creating worry-free results that homeowners love.

If you'd like to explore the cost of adding a dormer to your home, be sure to reach out at your convenience! Our experts can guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Contact us today at (516) 455-9470

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