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Fake Dormer vs. Dormer Addition: What Is the Difference?

False dormers imitate the look of the real thing. Unlike an actual dormer addition, they don’t offer additional space or light resources for homeowners to enjoy. It is a purely cosmetic update.

Why Choose a False Dormer Over a Dormer Addition?

A false dormer is significantly more affordable to install than a dormer addition. It looks identical to any ordinary dormer from the street, but only attaches to the roof’s surface. From the inside, there is no indication that one is present.

That’s why false dormers on Long Island are also called “blind dormers.”

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Benefits of False Dormers and Dormer Additions

False dormers and dormer additions provide a direct curb appeal benefit. When you see this design option, it delivers extra charm that can make a home stand out in a neighborhood.

False dormers and dormer additions provide several unique benefits worth considering for homeowners today. Here’s a closer look at the advantage to expect when investing in these options.

Advantages of False Dormers

Advantages of Dormer Additions

​False dormers attach to the roof and don’t require an actual window, minimizing the installation cost for the modification.

​A dormer addition lets more air into the home, especially on the top floor. This benefit can help with the roof’s lifespan while reducing indoor pollution risks.

​This design option is often used to camouflage attic fans while creating more visual charm and curb appeal.

​It adds another opening to the home, providing more natural light to enjoy.

​Since fewer modifications are necessary, the permitting process may go faster for some homeowners.

​Once installed, each dormer addition provides additional square footage while doubling as a potential emergency exit.

​There isn’t another entry created in the home where unauthorized access could occur.

​Several dormer types are available to consider, ensuring homeowners receive an option that matches their home’s current style.

​It gives the home a visual showpiece that helps it stand out.

​Each dormer addition works with your current roofing materials or can be updated with something new.

Dormer Installation with Kitchen Pros Inc.

A dormer addition improves interior illumination, especially if you have a loft or attic. It allows you to regulate temperatures more effectively while increasing your living space.

A blind dormer might not provide a new window, but it can disguise something that would typically look unsightly.

Although adding dormers to a new construction project is more manageable, it is possible to retrofit many Long Island homes with this structural resource. The goal is to reduce the time you have a hole in your roof, so interior alterations are often done first. Then the dormer’s exterior frame is completed.

Both options are not your typical DIY project. When exploring your dormer options in Wantagh, you’ll want to work with experienced dormer contractor professionals who can install fake dormer windows or whatever authentic addition you prefer. We’ll help your property achieve the style you’ve always envisioned while managing your budgetary and scheduling needs. Let’s talk today to see what might be possible for your home!

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