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Kitchen Design 101: How to Make the Color Gray Work in Your Kitchen

The color gray may look dull and drab, but recently it’s taken over the world of interior design. While the color may not be as vibrant as others, it is uniquely versatile and holds a lot of appeal, which is why it's regularly incorporated in a lot of designs, especially in kitchen designs. Despite being plain, designers and homeowners appreciate its contemporary vibe and its capacity to mix well with bolder hues and other neutrals.

If you've been pondering about doing a kitchen remodel or altering your kitchen design anytime soon, you may want to look into the color gray for transforming your space. It doesn't matter if you opt for gray-painted cabinets and drawers or just little gray accents—the color will change the look and feel of your kitchen regardless of how you choose to use it. It's the perfect way to go after a chic aesthetic without worrying too much about the vibe of your space going beyond your comfort zone.

Gray's versatility makes it a top choice for today's kitchens, but then again, it's challenging to figure out how to incorporate it, given the almost endless varieties available. If you want to spruce up your kitchen with gray, here are some options worth considering:

Put gray accents on an all-white kitchen.

If your kitchen design is all-white and you want to take things up a notch without going overboard, you may want to incorporate some gray accents. Gray and white is a perfect color combination for anyone who wants to stick to an all-white kitchen but doesn't want it to look dull and basic. By adding gray accents here and there, you will still have a space that feels light and airy, but it’ll have something extra that gives the room a bit more depth.

Try dark gray

Dark colors seem to be having a resurgence in the interior design world. In the past, the hues seemed to have taken a step back due to the prevalence of white, but in recent years, it appears that they are being picked up by designers and homeowners once again. It may seem intimidating at first, but dark tones can make your space look modern and sophisticated if you approach it right. If you want to experiment with a dark kitchen concept, you may want to consider incorporating dark gray accents to achieve a slightly moody appeal, akin to the French provincial look. You may also want to devise ways to build contrast into your kitchen design so that the dark gray won't feel overwhelming.

Look for blue tones

Just like any other color, gray has many shades and variations, and the almost-navy gray is both luxe and everyday practical. Just on its own, it may appear cold and standoffish, but if you pair it well with other colors, you’ll be guaranteed to love it.


Gray seems like a dull color, sure, but a classic gray kitchen is timeless and may even have the potential to bolster your home's value—but only if you know how to pick the right one.

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