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The Best Time to Start a Dormer Addition in Long Island

Long island dormer addition Wantagh NY

Houses should reflect our personalities. When someone you know passes by, they should see the small details that turn it into a home.

The focus of curb appeal in Wantagh is often indoors, and rightly so. You can add significant equity to your property when you update the floors, paint, and appliances at home.

If you look at outside updates, a fresh coat of paint can deliver a significant visual boost to your property.

A dormer addition is a unique project that addresses the interior and the exterior. You can help the living space become more functional while updating the architecture and first impression to something that works better for your tastes. It’s a fast and simple way to stand out in any neighborhood.

When Is the Best Time to Start a Dormer Addition?

A dormer addition is a fantastic way to add more usable space to a house of any size. The issue with most home attics is that the roof pitch makes it difficult to use that area without needing to crouch or duck.

When you start a dormer in Nassau County, you can help that part of the home achieve its full potential.

The best time to start this project is when you are confident that the weather will cooperate. Since structural changes could be necessary to complete the project, you’ll want to consider obtaining the required building permits and inspections to begin the work early so that your preferred contractor can start when the season cooperates.

Can You Build a Dormer onto an Older House?

When you add dormers to Long Island’s older homes, there is more to consider than its style. The update needs to work with the home’s general design, especially if you’re adding more than one.

Although most homes can benefit from this addition, every property is different. Some houses might present challenges that make this update too impractical.

Here are some of the considerations to review before deciding to build a dormer onto an older house in Wantagh today.

1. Vertical Orientation

If your new dormers don’t provide a symmetrical visual aesthetic, this investment could result in less curb appeal. Speak with an experienced contractor about creating a well-planned look that fits the property's existing assets.

2. Scale and Proportion

Dormers should be a roof detail, but not a dominant feature. The dormer windows incorporated into this update are typically smaller than what you'll see with windows placed on the ground-floor walls. It's a good idea to have this update occupy less than half the depth and width of the roof to ensure they feel manageable.

3. Building Codes and Zoning Regulations

Some properties might be perfect for a dormer addition, but the local ordinances might prohibit the update. Your local contractor can help you in this area, exploring the various rules and regulations that control how you can alter your property.

Property owners might have HOA regulations to follow that prohibit certain modifications or require renovations to be completed within a specific time.

4. Cost Concerns

The cost of adding a dormer is often recouped in extra equity, but that is different for some older homes. You may encounter issues that require updates as the project proceeds, adding to the time and price for the update. Are the visual interest and extra character investments worth the expense? That's a question each Wantagh homeowner must ask themselves.

Dormer Installation with Kitchen Pros Inc.

Our team works with you to find the best solution for dormer additions, whether you’re working on a new construction project or want to update an older home. You can trust our experts whenever a change is needed to ensure your long island dormers results are what you want. We work with you to create a schedule that operates around your schedule whenever possible because we know your time is valuable.

Are you ready to start a dormer addition project on Long Island? If so, please get in touch with one of our friendly representatives at your convenience. You'll find that a professional installation is faster and more affordable than you might realize, ensuring that your property receives the added value it deserves.

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