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3 Expert Tips on Designing an Efficient Home Kitchen - What to Know

Modern residences consider today’s kitchen as the heart of the home. Seeing as the room welcomes plenty of daily activity, your fix-me-upper plans need to ensure that the blueprint follows a design that is highly functional as much as it is fashionable.

Maximizing the functionality of the space can make a world of difference in the homeowner’s experience and efficiency, so consider clever storage options and tool choices for a more optimal home kitchen design.

After all, a small mistake in the renovation process can lead to costly consequences, so it’s no surprise how kitchen remodels require careful consideration. Conversely, the list below explores design tips from experts to give you a full overview of the essential factors you need to build the kitchen of your dreams:

Tip #1: Consider the Kitchen’s “Action Triangle”

A kitchen can quickly get action-packed, especially when hosting dinner parties with families and friends. Three factors represent the traffic flow that happens within the kitchen: the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink.

An optimal design promotes an effortless rotational movement between the duties you have over the stove, chopping, peeling, and cleaning by the sink, or accessing your storage area from the refrigerator. Any disruptions within the action triangle, such as a poorly-placed kitchen island, can make the tasks needlessly arduous.

Tip #2: Follow a Multifunctional Design for Your Kitchen

Modern kitchens no longer follow a utilitarian design wherein the only purpose of the space is to cook and clean. In today’s world, kitchens are a place of entertainment where families and friends can gather together to have fun and cook at the same time.

If you have enough space, you can achieve a multifunctional room by adding an island with comfortable seating. This creates an inviting area where guests and other family members can hang around and socialize without disrupting the flow of the work triangle. This allows the home cook to create and serve dishes without missing out on the fun.

Tip #3: Consider Your Cupboards and Smart Storage Solutions

The cupboards are arguably one of the most important fundamentals in a kitchen as it can make or mar the efficiency of your storage. Whether you want to go for open storage or opt for cabinet space, be sure to follow a layout that organizes the equipment, spices, and more according to the items’ category and how you utilize the space.

Adding a designated and elevated spice rack within arm’s reach, for instance, can make a world of difference in improving your experience in the kitchen. To that end, installing a bespoke cupboard system allows you to use your storage to its maximum potential.


Giving your home kitchen a full-on makeover can be exciting and expensive. Ending up with a less-than-optimal space can be frustrating, so taking the time to understand how to maximize the functionality of the kitchen is the key to establishing an efficient kitchen design.

With that in mind, the list above should steer you in the right direction and help you gather the right design inspiration and shopping materials to renovate a kitchen that aces both form and function. If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling in Wantagh, NY, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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