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7 Popular Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Inspiration - What to Know

When it comes to kitchen countertops, one of the most important concerns, apart from the kitchen layout, is your choice of material. There are many options available on the market today, and with so many options, you need to make the right call to guarantee that your countertops match your preferred kitchen aesthetic.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular kitchen countertop material options you can go for. We’ll also identify how each one is different and list down any pros and cons that will factor into your decision.

1. Granite countertops

Granite is perhaps the most popular option homeowners go for. This is because the material is durable, heat and stain resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Granite countertops look great in any kitchen and will last the entire lifespan of the house if properly maintained.

However, granite is a porous material. This means that even though they can be resistant to moisture, they must also be sealed and resealed at least once a year to ensure that they continue to retain their integrity and appeal.

2. Quartz countertops

Quartz provides the same benefits as granite. Countertops that are made from this material are incredibly long-lasting, easy to clean, and suitable for most kitchens. The material is slightly more flexible than granite, which means it’s less prone to tiny chips and cracks. It is also non-porous, which means it will not require any form of sealant whatsoever.

As for its cons, quartz can discolor over time, especially when exposed to the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. To overcome this, you could opt for a darker color of quartz, but a darker color might not looks cohesive with your design.

3. Wooden countertops

Wood provides a certain warmth and charm that is not often found in other materials. It can lend a rustic appeal that would also contrast nicely with contemporary designs. Countertops made of wood also have built-in antimicrobial properties and, depending on the type of wood and its treatment, are also heat-resistant.

On the other hand, wood is naturally porous and absorbent. Liquids and stains can seep into the material and stay there permanently. This means you will have to apply a sealant to it at least twice a year to ensure that it remains beautiful over time. It is also not resistant to scratches and dents, so you will have to be careful with what you put on the counter when you opt for wooden countertops.

4. Marble countertops

One of the more expensive options on this list, marble adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen, featuring similar advantages and disadvantages to granite. It’s a strong material that will look amazing for many years, but it also has to be properly sealed to ensure that it stays pristine.

5. Stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel is incredibly practical. It’s highly resistant to stains and corrosion, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s also strong and not prone to cracks or chipping. However, it may warp under heavy weight. It also has the tendency of giving your kitchen a utilitarian look, but if designed thoughtfully, this can sway more towards a more “industrial chic” aesthetic.

6. Tiled countertops

Tiled countertops are perhaps the least expensive option, and they provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of design. The biggest concern when going for tiles is that they must be installed with great care to ensure a flat and level working surface. You will also have to be mindful of the grout that will be used, as grout is very prone to staining and can sometimes be difficult to clean.

7. Glass countertops

Lastly, glass countertops are a popular choice and can give your kitchen a unique look. They won’t require sealing, and cleanup will be a breeze. The material is also surprisingly durable, but the problem here is that they are extremely challenging to replace if they do get damaged.


Aside from these seven we’ve listed, there are many other types of countertop materials to consider. Some of these include soapstone and travertine, which provide plenty of functionality and style as well. Assess your options and keep the information discussed above in mind so that you can make the best decision when designing your kitchen.

We are a kitchen designer and remodeler in Wantagh NY. If you need more advice regarding your countertop choices—or any other aspect of your kitchen for that matter—get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help!


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