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Is It Time for a Kitchen Cabinet Makeover? - What to Know

Most of us spend a few hours a day in our kitchens preparing meals, washing dishes, and just spending time with other family members. Given the constant use, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself wanting to update the look of your space.

Kitchen makeovers are no small feat. Generally, well-built kitchens only need to be updated every 10 to 15 years. Renovations are often postponed or abandoned because homeowners don’t want to be burdened by the chaos a remodel brings into their home.

While appliances are easy to upgrade and switch out when something better comes along, sturdy kitchen cabinetry made of high-grade materials rarely needs to be replaced. More often than not, kitchens—one of the most-used and most cherished rooms in the home—look the most forlorn. Feeling overwhelmed, many homeowners without the benefit of a kitchen remodeling contractor are unsure of where to start.

Revamp Your Kitchen Without Inviting A Mess

Fortunately for homeowners everywhere, there’s one kitchen remodeling hack that will allow you to enjoy a new look at a relatively low cost: updating your cabinet doors. Updating the exterior facade of your cabinetry with the help of an experienced kitchen designer can visually brighten the space and create new dimensions in what may seem like a tired and outdated kitchen design.

Should I Change My Cabinet Doors?

Perhaps your space is fairly new and it’s not yet time for you to do a major kitchen overhaul.

Try out our quick assessment below to see if switching out the doors on your kitchen cabinets is the right option for you:

  1. Are your kitchen cabinet doors showing signs of wear and tear? Constant opening and closing of the doors, especially ones in the most prominent areas of the kitchen, can cause hinges to misalign and surfaces to look tired. Other issues include missing handles or inoperable doors.

  2. Are there presently any issues that are causing unnecessary deterioration of your cabinetry? Kitchens are a high-traffic area. You might be able to identify surfaces constantly exposed to more water, heat, and physical handling that will make these areas look particularly tired and worn. Mold or water damage that is not immediately addressed may lead to other issues in the room.

  3. Does your kitchen design feel outdated and impersonal? Have you updated the kitchen since you moved into your home? The current style should reflect your personality and lifestyle, especially since it’s a room that you’ll be spending a lot of time in. If it doesn’t represent you, perhaps a cabinet update will help!

  4. Are you planning to sell or lease your property but you don’t want to spend a significant amount of money? One of the most promising reasons to update your kitchen is the potential to earn more from your investment. Refreshing the look of your kitchen may significantly increase the sale or rental value of a property. Rarely do your tastes match with a buyer or renter, so updating the look of your kitchen may maximize the attractiveness to a wider array of potential buyers.


If you answered yes to any of the questions or agreed to the statements outlined above, you might be due for a little kitchen update. The style and functionality of such a crucial area of a home need not be sacrificed, and you need not be inconvenienced in the process. You may be able to overhaul the look of your kitchen within your own budget and within a short timeframe.

If you’re looking for premier residential kitchen design and remodeling contractors in Wantagh or Long Island, NY, we’re the ones to call. Let us help you achieve your dream kitchen!


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