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Updating Your Kitchen? - Work With a Designer

A common misconception people have about kitchen design and remodeling is that they can do it all on their own. While this may be true for small projects, there are certainly instances where the help of an expert is crucial.

To transform your kitchen from drab to fab in the safest, most efficient way, you’ll find that nothing beats the expert services of a kitchen designer. In this post, we’ll discuss two major reasons that it’s important to hire a reputable kitchen designer as well as how you can choose one that you’ll work well with.

Why Hire a Kitchen Designer?

1. Custom kitchen designs are best when they are given technical attention

You may have a power saw and a dream, but when it comes to renovations, nothing replaces technical training. Many people undergo kitchen remodeling projects on their own to save money, only to find that their final expenses amounting to or even exceeding the rate of a professional contractor. Why? Amateurs make mistakes, and when it comes to something as major as kitchen renovations, those mistakes can be costly. You may very well find it easier (and cheaper) to hand the project off to someone who's spent years honing their technical skills. Whether they’re creating a beautiful and functional design or finding a way to sidestep an unexpected roadblock, practice really does make perfect.

2. Skilled kitchen designers strike a balance between efficiency and safety

In any construction project, nothing is more important than safety. Trained contractors know that efficiency and visual appeal are important, but they can’t take precedence over safety. To ensure the best results, you’ll need the knowledge and experience of a kitchen designer.

A kitchen cabinet installation contractor knows how to make sure your cabinets can take enough weight without collapsing or bowing in the middle. They check the structural integrity of the countertops and choose the appropriate finishings that are functional, yet beautiful in a kitchen. They recommend flooring options that are slip-proof and able to keep accidents from occurring in the kitchen. And of course, they do all this much more quickly and efficiently than you could on your own.

But how do you find the most suitable kitchen designer?

It’s one thing to recognize the importance of a kitchen designer, but quite another to find the right one to work with. Here are three things to remember:

1. Be aware of their process

Every homeowner has a certain vision in mind, and understanding the process of a potential kitchen designer is important. Each one has a different system and process they use when designing a kitchen. Being aware of their process can ensure expectations are aligned and desired results are reached.

2. Always ask questions

Ask questions about their ideas about the design. Why was this material used instead of this one? What makes this cabinet placement better than the other? Ask questions about payment plans, service fees, and everything in between. Open communication will allow you to choose a kitchen designer with whom you can see eye to eye.

3. References aren’t just for show

It’s easy to see a contractor’s references and never bother to check them, but the insight references can provide is invaluable. Discussing what they’ve done for previous clients and even seeing their previous designs will help you visualize how working with them can help you achieve your desired kitchen. That way, you’ll have better expectations of the results they can yield. References also help you spot any red flags, allowing you to differentiate between the good and the bad.


Kitchen remodeling and design can be challenging to do, but the process can be downright enjoyable with the expertise of a professional.

If you need help with kitchen design and remodeling in Long Island, NY, our team at Kitchen Pros Inc can assist you with this. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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