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What Are the Ways Dormers Add Value to a Home?

Dormers can potentially add almost 20% to the value of a home. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, this addition is still an excellent investment to consider because it adds more usable space while evolving the house’s design.

What Are Dormers?

Dormers are small rooms or spaces that project from the roof. Once installed, they offer more light on the top floor while creating several potential benefits. Most types of dormers use a vertical window that appears on a sloping roof.

Investing in dormer installation services creates new possibilities for your new construction or renovation project.

5 Reasons Why Dormers Add Value to Your Home

If you love the look of houses with dormer windows, there are several reasons why your home becomes more valuable.

1. Airflow Improvements

With an added window, your home has more access to fresh air in the upstairs rooms or attic spaces that are often blocked. This additional circulation can reduce indoor pollution, heating and cooling costs, and the need for artificial lighting.

Since dormers offer access to more natural light in typically dark spaces, these areas become more livable.

2. Additional Space

Although a dormer often seems like a small feature to add to a home, it can deliver a significant increase in usable space. Some homeowners use this option to place a bed or add more storage capacity.

Since the design is incorporated into the roof, the new windows aren’t a significant security risk. When creating a system that keeps you safe, you can treat them like any other second-story access point.

3. Curb Appeal

Dormer value increases for Long Island homes are significant. It’s not unusual to see equity gains of up to 20% once a project is complete. This option provides a timeless design that many people love, especially when considering this addition's different design possibilities.

The dormers are often the first thing people see when looking at your home. They can help your property stand out from the competition while offering increased perceived value.

4. Bathroom Additions

An attic or second-story bathroom can turn living spaces into private quarters or master suites. Dormer roofs create enough headspace for moving around comfortably, including standing at a sink.

Although you’d want to consider frosted glass for this kind of addition, an extra half-bathroom can add significant value to a home.

5. Emergency Exit

If you experience a fire or have another emergency at home, a dormer provides another way to exit the property. This option is especially critical when the window is the only escape from an attic or a second story.

Dormer Installation with Kitchen Pros Inc.

The results can be subpar when dormers are installed without the help of experienced pros. You might save a little on the initial cost, but you'll face leak risks, construction errors, and potential coding issues.

Kitchen Pros Inc. brings competitive estimates, expert craftsmanship, and high-quality results to each project. If you'd like to explore the benefits of adding dormers to your home, one of our friendly Dormer Contractors in Wantagh will be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

Contact us today at (516) 455-9470

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